Le Petit Rouge

Ok people. These are literally the best cupcakes in the world. I mean you can argue that your grandmas are better but these are heaven. After you take a bite of this treat you will be able to die and be happy.

The types of cupcakes are all named after children’s book characters (the cupcake shop is located inside the children’s book store The Reading Reptile) and their signature piece of heaven is “Little Red” which is a red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting with a basket weave pattern. The “Big Bad Wolf” cupcake is a giant chocolate cake with a mini “Grandma” cupcake inside! A few other kinds to give you a better idea include: Peter Rabbit (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting), Little Bo Peep (a yellow cake infused with orange and cream cheese frosting with a candied orange ontop), and Fairy Godmother (a yellow cake with raspberry frosting and sparkles).







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