California Purchases

Coming home from Cali and of course I did a lot of shopping! Although I did not spend all of my $ (thankfully), I bought a few pieces that were worth a good amount! At the Fairfax Flea Market I bought a pair of new sunglasses, at Wasteland I bought a skirt and crop top, at H&M I bought a dress, and at Brandymelville I bought a bandeau.

1. I absolutely LOVE my new sunglasses! They are so Rachel Zoe and I love the circular shape. They were $7 which I think is a great price for sunglasses!

2. Wasteland is amazing. It is part thrift store part store-store and after trying on racks of clothes, I came out with a high-waisted pleated skirt (which has a pattern of 20s girls playing croquet) for $26, and an American Apparel tank top crop top for $10 (it was originally probably $25).


3. As per usual I have to go to H&M. I was looking for a white dress for summer and found one! It is a crochet tank top dress, and can be worn over many different things! I got a tight white spaghetti-strap dress to wear under, but in the future I will probably get other fun colors to wear under.

4. I had never heard of Brandymelville until this trip! I went to the location in Santa Monica and I am still confused about how I feel about it. It was a weird experience for me because I felt like they had designed the store FOR me, and I kind of didn’t know what to do with myself. It was also a store that If I had gone to 4 months ago I would be bankrupt from getting all my must-have pieces there, but by now…I already have everything I wanted! I ended up just getting a simple black bandeau for $6 which I definitely needed to wear under all of my sheer tops that I love.

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