Habitat Shoe Boutique

Habitat Shoe Boutique is so so beautiful. Not only is the space sleek yet warm, but every product is so spectacular. I love going to Habitat when I want a unique, very beautifully-made shoe that embodies my personality and steps up my outfits with the perfect accent. Their shoes are just so beautiful I almost don’t know what to do with myself when I’m in the store! They have great men’s shoes, clothing, and accessories as well. For more info about Habitat Shoe Boutique you can visit their website, here.

I have below some of my favorite pairs from their newest Spring shipment!

1. This pair is by Cole Haan and is called the “Alisa Oxford.” It is perfect for the Neon Trend and they are so comfy and stylish! I would wear them with dark jeans, a white button up, tan blazer, and gold jewelry. ($178)

2. This pair is by Coclico and is called the “Lupe.” I think this shoe would be perfect with any party dress for Spring and Summer. I would wear them with a flowy peach skirt, a wife beater, and medallion earrings. ($414)

3. These shoes are also by Coclico and are called the “Melania.” These are very comfy because of the flat wedge platform, although the color may not be perfect with my skin tone, they would look great with a summer glow! I’d wear these with high waisted shorts, a boustier-inspired tank top, and a long crochet cardigan. ($365)

4. These shoes are amazing. They are by Sam Edelman and are called the “Yelena.” The colors are exquisite and they look great on everyone! You can wear them anywhere from Cancoon to Italy! I would pair them with a sleek pair of jeans and an off-the-shoulder olive-toned sweater. ($140)

5. This last pair is by Argila and they are called “A-836.” At first I was curious and skeptical about these but after I tried them on I fell in love! They are so comfortable, handmade, a beautiful color, and super unique! I would wear them with a flowy skirt and blouse. ($420)


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