How to Stud Your Collar

How to Stud your Collar!
Studding is so fun, quick and easy. I think one way to amp-up a piece in your wardrobe is by studding! Today I studded the collar of a jean tank top that I got at a thrift store. Below are the before and after pictures.

How to make your own:

– Shirt with a collar
– Butter Knife
– 50-60 Studs, make sure they have legs on the back (I used pyramid studs)

1. Lay out the studs on the collar to get an idea of how you want them to lay. I am doing 5 across and 7 up to get an idea of where to fill them in.

2. Start in the corner and press the first stud into the shirt. It should go through the other side pretty easily.

3. With your butter knife press the legs of the stud into the shirt so the stud is as secure as possible and will not fall out!


4. Repeat these steps until you get the look you want! I have 25 studs on each side of the collar. Ta da!



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