How to Dip Dye

Yesterday I found a perfect GAP Denim button-up at a thrift store to dip dye! Here is the shirt from Gap, and to the right is an Urban Outfitters shirt which I am using as an example for how I want mine to turn out.20120529-092755.jpg

– Denim Shirt
– Bleach (I am using household Clorox)
– Water
– A Plastic tub/bucket
– A Plastic Hanger
– A Plastic Cup
– A Sharpie

Before you start, I recommend doing this outside because of the toxic smell, and the mess. Also, make sure you are wearing clothes that you can get bleach on since it may splatter.

Step 1: Pour one cup of water into your plastic cup. With the sharpie, mark the 1 Cup line. We will use this as our measuring cup.
Step 2: You need to have a 4:1 ratio (4 cups water, 1 cup bleach) I ended up using 16 cups of water and 4 cups of bleach. Mix. It works best if your mixture is semi-warm.

Step 3: Put the shirt on the hanger for you to hold. Carefully lower the shirt into the tub. Stop when the shirt is submerged about half way. I don’t want the sleeves to be bleached so I have tied those back.
Step 4: Hold the shirt in the bleach for at least 15 minutes. You will begin to notice a color change. I began to notice a color change after about 23-25 minutes. After 50 minutes, I added 1 1/4 more cup of bleach.

Keep in mind, the longer you hold the fabric in the bleach, the weaker it will be. You can lay the shirt over the side of the bucket as long as the bottom half is still submerged.
Step 5: When the color is as light as you like, take the shirt out of the bleach and let it hang outside to dry.

Step 6: When your shirt is completely dry, put it in the washer and dryer.

Step 7: Here is my final product! The whole process ended up taking 2 full hours. I love how it turned out!


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