The Coffee Girls


The Coffee Girls in Waldo is one of my favorite spots to grab a quick and yummy bite to eat. The food is refreshing and light, yet filling, and the vibe is friendly and cool. Some of my favorite things to get there are the Bagel with Herb Cream Cheese, balsamic, basil, and tomatoes, the Bowl of Granola is so so good, every time I order it – it’s exactly what I need, and the sandwiches are great! Especially on a croissant.

The Bagel and Herb Cream Cheese, balsamic, basil, and tomatoes.

Bowl of Granola

Egg Sammie

My favorite thing to order is the juices! Although my goal is to eventually try every kind, I keep gravitating back toward my favorite, the “Clean Green.” The “Clean Green” consists of: spinach, apple, ginger, and celery. It’s really quite amazing. My other favorite juices are the “Nojito” and the “Liquid Sunshine.”

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