How to Cut Your Own Asymmetrical T

Before the “operation:”


I have recently wanted a few black t-shirts to cut up, and yesterday while thrifting at Valley Thrift Store,I picked up a couple. One of them, a LA County Fire Department T, I chose to cut into an asymmetric tank. Here’s the “how-to!”

– One black (dark colored preferably) t-shirt. Should be 1-2 sizes too big.
– Scissors

Step 1: Cut off the first sleeve. Start cutting from under the sleeve to the top, angling inward.

Step 2: Fold the shirt in half “hotdog” style so the sleeves should line up. You should have the previously cut sleeve layer facing up so you can use it as a stencil to cut the bottom sleeve.

Step 3: Cut off the neck line, and the bottom hemline.

Step 4: Next, I slipped on the T and decided to make the straps thinner. I repeated the same technique as steps 1 and 2 while thinning the straps.

Step 5: Mark a point in the middle of your shirt. This point will be the center and highest point of the asymmetrical line. Then, from the center of the bottom of the shirt, cut straight up to that point.

Step 6: Starting in the bottom right corner of the shirt, cut an ark from the corner to the middle point.

Step 7: Fold the shirt so that the holes in the sleeves are open at the top, and so that the middle mark is now the crease on the left side.

Use the right-side of the ark as a stencil for the left side.

Step 8: That’s it! If you need to make any other adjustments or cuts of your own this is the time. I rounded the corners and fixed some of the lines.

I styled this over a grey, jersey, maxi dress which was $9 from Valley Thrift Store, and Leopard Loafers.


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