How to Make a Skull Cut-Out T

Recently, there has been a wave of skull cut out t-shirts, for way too expensive prices! I decided that it would be much easier to buy a $2 thrift store T, and make my own, instead of buying a $30 one and feeling bad for wearing it twice. This DIY is inexpensive, non-committal, creative, and quick!

– One t-shirt (I chose a black size M)
– Scissors
– One metallic/silver sharpie pen
– a newspaper or magazine

Here is the shirt before I cut it:


A few tips before you begin:
– When you begin to cut your shirt, lay a newspaper or magazine between layers so you don’t cut through to the other side.
– Get creative! Try different shapes for the skull features.

Step 1: Cut off the neck line. I cut mine in a “U” shape.


Step 2: Draw the nose about in the middle of the shirt. I did this by drawing three uneven triangles. Two large ones and a small one between the two. This will give the shirt a stringy look.

Step 3: On each side of the nose, draw a small oval shaped ark. These arks will be the bases of the eyes.


Step 4: Finish drawing the eyes. You want the shape to be similar to an egg. I drew lines in the middle of the eyes to be left as strings when I am cutting.


Step 5: When drawing the mouth, start about 1 1/2 inches below the nose. Make two vertical rectangles as your top-middle teeth. Then draw the bottom middle teeth lining up with the top.

As you continue to draw in the teeth, you can leave the mouth straight, or make it smile. I chose to curve the last to teeth on either side at an angle.


Step 6: I chose to draw in “cheeks” to add some more definition to the skull. I drew out two triangles on each side of the face, with the outer edge curved.


Step 7: When you have all your features drawn, begin cutting.

First I did the eyes. One tip for the eyes, is to cut them section-by-section. If you chose to leave strings like I did, make sure to leave them thick, otherwise they will easily rip (like on my right eye).


Next was the nose, again doing this in sections was the easiest.


Finally was the mouth. I started from the middle and work outward. I originally wanted to leave one tooth empty, as you see in the photo, but chose to cut that one out as well.



Lastly, I cut out the cheek bones. While cutting them, I chose to round out the lines slightly just so it wasn’t as harsh as it was planned to be. This picture is above.

I loved how this shirt turned out! A few final tips:
– Cut off the bottom hem, and then hem off the sleeves last. I chose to keep mine short sleeve.
– Stretch and pull the shirt in different directions until you get the stringy effect on the lines of the skull.

I styled this shirt with high waisted jean shorts, leopard loafers, a navy bralette, and my hair is in a unicorn braid.

20120731-090500.jpg                 20120731-090507.jpg

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