Three Twins Ice Cream


Last night while in Mill Valley, we went to Three Twins ice cream in San Rafael for dessert. The ice cream shop had many different flavors than I had ever seen including: lemon cookie, land of milk & honey, sea salt caramel, earl grey tea, bittersweet chocolate, and a few more. The intimate location with the fire place outside and picket fence made me feel like I was back in Martha’s Vineyard.

I decided to get one scoop of lemon cookie, and one scoop of land of milk & honey. The two flavors were quite different, but paired well together if you have a sweet tooth like me. The lemon cookie tasted like a girl scout, and the land of milk & honey tasted like a milk-flower (if that was real).

I can’t wait to come back!

Photo of San Rafael location provided by Three Twins Ice Cream.

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