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Geometric Eye Nails

I love this new nail tutorial! I am loving the illuminati-Egyptian-inspired eye inside the triangle. This tutorial is a little bit more challenging than usual, so I would recommend setting aside about 30 minutes for this one.

– White Nail Polish
– Light Pink or Nude Base Coat
– Gold Sparkle Nail Polish
– Black Nail Art Pen
– Clear Nail Polish

1. Paint a base coat. I used “Pure White Opal” by Sally Hansen. I chose this color because it has a little bit of a sparkle.

2. I chose to do a different design on each nail. First I did my thumb. With white nail polish, i drew a small football shape.

Then once it was dry, with a black nail art pen, I outlined the white football shape, and drew a black dot in the middle. Like an eye.

Around the eye, I drew a black triangle. I also added some extra details around the edges.

3. Next on my pointer fingers, I painted the whole nail gold.

4. On my middle fingers, I randomly drew smaller triangles and colored them in with the black pen.

5. On my ring fingers, I painted my nail with the gold nail polish, leaving a triangle at the bottom of the nail. You can use tape to make this line cleaner if you prefer.

After the gold is dry, make a thin black line around the triangle. To define the angle.

6. Finally, on my pinky fingers, I drew two “window” shapes with the pen. I also did a black French tip.

7. Finish with a clear cost and your set! Ta da! I love how my nails turned out. My two favorites are definitely the ring finger and thumb.


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