Gold Tips

While researching on fall make up trends previously this week, I stumbled upon (not literally on stumbleupon) this photo of matte black nails with gold French tips. This new take on French manicures is completely vamped up!


This tutorial took me about 15 minutes. To complete this nail tutorial you will need:
– Black Nail Polish (I used “Black Crème by Wet&Wild)
– Gold Sparkle Nail Polish (I used “High Roller” by Ulta)
– A Top Matte Coat (I used “Matte Me Crazy” by NYC Color)

Step 1: Paint 1-2 coats of black nail polish.

Step 2: With the gold sparkle nail polish, paint a French tip. I did this by painting a multiple small bands vertically instead of one large one horizontally.

Step 3: Finally, instead of a clear top-coat, use the matte top coat. This will give your nails a clean matte finish instead of a shine. The photo on the left is immediately after applying the matte, and the photo on the right is the final look after the matte top-coat has dried. Love this look!


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