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Cheetah Nails

I love cheetah nails! Although they seem intricate and difficult, I would just put it at the “intermediate” level for nail painting. Make sure you wait until your nails are completely dry before moving on to the next step!

– Base color (I used “Lopez Canyon” by American Apparel)
– Accent color (I used “High Roller” by Ulta)
– Nail pen or black nail polish
– 2 Toothpicks or nail dotting tools


Step 1: Paint a base coat (1-2 coats depending on the polish).

Step 2: With the accent color, make a small puddle of the nail polish on a piece of paper (You will use this to dip your toothpick or dotting tool in). Make small kidney bean shapes with the toothpick/tool on your nails.


Step 3: If you will be using black nail polish, like in step 2, make a small puddle of the nail polish on a piece of paper. Then, with the toothpick or dotting tool, around the kidney bean shapes, draw dots around half the kidney bean shapes (see in the photo below for better explanation).

Finish with a clear coat.

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