Thrifted: Shop Finds

This weekend I donated a bag of clothes to a thrift store, and by donating, I got a 20% off coupon. When I was looking around, I found a BDG by Urban Outfitters women’s flannel ($6), a leather mini skirt ($6), and a vintage sergeant’s pin ($1).

I love this flannel. It has a really nice fit, but the one disclaimer is a small glue stain by the collar on the back of the shirt. The (faux) leather skirt fits my hips without giving me a muffin-top, and the length is about an inch and a half longer than my fingertips. Lastly, the pin! This pin is really cool. I can’t wait to wear it as a collar piece with button downs, or saw off the pins and put it on a necklace chain or wire ring.



The outfit total was $13 – 20% off, which gave me a whopping total of $10.40.

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