Tiny Furniture

Lena Dunham is one of my all-time favorite writers for one simple reason: her crazy yet realistic stories that are not even close to my life, are some of the most relatable movies, short films, and shows I have connected to. After I had fallen in love with her new HBO Series “GIRLS” (which aired last Spring), I had yet to discover that she had previously written and directed her film “Tiny Furniture.” Which is actually what “GIRLS” is based off of. Taking a much needed self-inflicted-distraction-break from studying for exams, I headed to the basement to watch it on Netflix, hoping to accomplish checking it off of my To Do list.

The film is about a recent college grad, Aura, who feels lost, and wants everyone to know that she is having a very hard time. While she is living with her mother, an established photographer of miniature furniture, and her 17-year old sister, an accomplished snobby poet who has very long legs, she reconnects with her high school best friend, Charlotte (played by Jemima Kirke). It’s a coming of age story with a little more confusion and a little less of a path. Which was refreshing. Also fun fact, the sisters are sisters in real life. {movie trailer below}

For some reason, I totally connect to Lena Dunham’s way of writing. I don’t have sociopathic sex-crazed boyfriends, or girlfriends who sleep with everyone or who don’t sleep with everyone, or have gay ex-boyfriends who gave me HPV, but I just get it. I get her. I love her. I love that I get her. {trailer for “GIRLS” season 2 also below – which I am so excited for I cannot put into words how excited I am}

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