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I love making little gifts and surprise pretend love kisses for friends. This little “surprise pretend love kiss” is a CD cover for a good friend who I haven’t seen in a while. I made them a mixtape of vibez that I thought they would enjoy, and then came up with this template for a DIY CD Cover! This whole project took me about a half hour.

You can listen to Emmalou’s mixtape here! Xo!



– Scissors

– Pencil

– Pen

– Washi Tape

– Baker’s Twine

– Double Stick tape or glue

– Drawing or construction paper

– Ruler


Step 1:  A CD is 15cmX15cm, and because you will be assembling this like an envelope, cut out a piece of drawing paper that is 17cm X 36cm. The extra two cm length-wise will be flaps that hold the cover together, and the extra 6 cm width-wise will be for the flap. Then cut out 4 triangles where the folds will be (see below), so now you have 6 outside flaps.


Step 2: Cut off the 4 end flaps.


Step 3: Fold in the two middle flaps and then fold up the bottom. You can cut off extra paper from the bottom flap if you have any.


Step 4: Put a piece of double sided tape (glue works too) and cut off the extra tape. Repeat on both sides.


Step 5: Fold up the bottom flap – now you have an envelope!


Step 6: I cut the top flap edges at an angle so that it would slide into the body of the envelope easier – this is optional and can vary depending on the shape of the envelope you want.


Step 7: Write the tracks and artists on the back of the cover.


Step 8: Address envelope and Insert CD (don’t forget this step ;) )


Step 9: Close envelope and seal with a piece of Washi Tape.


Step 10: Using a mason jar, I traced an outline of a circle (with pencil) to use as a guideline for some lettering.


Step 11: Add lettering, then erase circle.


Step 12: Wrap like a cute little present with baker’s twine. I finished customizing this with a note at the bottom saying: “Handmade with love by Gaby Hope.”

Hope this brings light to yours and some specials day!




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