Valentine Ball 2013

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Last night was Birdies’ 10th Birthday, as well as the 10th annual Valentine Ball. The theme for this year was Silver Love Forrest. My original idea was inspired by this photo from Pinterest, and make it into a crown. I purchased a foam ring for the base of the crown, as well as 2 stags and 8 fox. For my date I also got a bow-tie and wolf instead of a boutonniere to spray paint silver. After spray painting all my animals and crown, I realized that it was too ridiculous and not my dream Silver Love Forrest crown. Instead of my original idea, I took an old “Happy Birthday” crown and hot-glued the two stags on top of the crown. And yes, they are kissing on purpose ;)

For my make-up I am wearing Katy Perry “Oh Honey” false eyelashes, NARS eyeshadow, silver lipstick, and silver glitter. 

Hope your Valentines was as kick-ass as mine, Xo.




whitebowtie silverbowtie sparypaint



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