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rag & bone

In my Fashion Merchandising class, we just finished our transition unit from the Foundations of Fashion to the Fashion Movement and Trends. The transition project was on color theory and knowing which color season you are.

The first thing to do when determining your color season, is to look at the palm of your hand over a white piece of paper. If you have more blue or pink undertones, you could be a Winter or Summer. If you have more gold or orange undertones, you could be a Spring or Autumn. We then draped each other in the different swatches of fabrics, and from there chose which season we were: Winter, Summer, Spring, or Autumn. 80% of people will be a Winter, and that’s what I am! Winter palates contain true, primary colors and they should choose clear, bright, contrasting colors. The best (and my favorite) combination for Winters is black and white.

Winters should be wearing primary colors, pure, bright burgundy, icy colors (not light), navy blue, and taupe. They should avoid orange, orange-red, rust, golds, yellow-greens, and faded/muted colors. This doesn’t mean that I am forbidden to wear these colors, it just means that I should not wear them close to my face because I will look sick and pale. Below is the rest of the Winter color palate!

  • White – chalk
  • Black
  • Blue – sapphire, royal, black navy
  • Brown – black brown
  • Green – emerald, pine, blue teal
  • Purple – royal, lavender
  • Grey – light to medium and steel to charcoal
  • Yellow – lemon, icy
  • Pink – hot, magenta
  • Red – true, blue red, maroon, burgundy

With that being said: My project was to build a foundation wardrobe for a Winter palate. The requirements were to have one suit, two pants, a second blazer, a blouse, two skirts, a cardigan, a pullover sweater, a casual outfit, a basic dress, a dressy outfit, a coat, and six accessories. I love this “collection” because it is so casual, simple, completely my style, and is truly the perfect foundation for my hypothetically Winter wardrobe! 

  • Winter Wardrobe

American Vintage knit top
$245 –

Zoe karssen
$90 –

Wool coat

River island
$71 –

Rag bone

H m
$47 –

Skinny leg jeans
$32 –

Oasis pencil skirt
$76 –

Leather loafer

Miss selfridge

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