Alt. Camo


I love the militaristic trends today for two reasons: 1) menswear for women is the bomb, and 2) these olive and army-green colors look fantastic with my eyes! ;) Yesterday in Fashion Merchandising I gave my presentation on Baseball hats, and thought it was only appropriate to wear one! Also, weirdly enough it is March – February was a hard month for me, I was so overwhelmed and felt like I had so much to do! I am looking forward to embracing spring fashion and beauty trends, specifically black & white and bright lips!

I am wearing a Wildfox t-shirt under a navy blazer with my mom’s scarf, Gwen-Stefani-kick-ass pants, hidden wedge sneakers, and an Alternative Camo baseball hat (which I actually wore to Girl Scout camp that ONE summer I went)









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  1. I actually remember that ONE summer at girl scout camp! You look stunning and I cant believe how amazing this site is! Keep up the good work!

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