OHMYGOD. I have been asked by Vancouver Fashion Week to blog about the F/W 2014 collections! AH. So surreal. So amazing. So major. My passion is styling, and to have people recognize that is seriously unreal. I mean what gets better than playing dress up, scrolling through endless photos and videos of fashion shows while listening to Karmin rap to Rachel Zoe in the background. Part of me wants to sit at my computer all day and blog, and the other part actually wants to be a real person. Maybe it’s because I am on spring break and have only been eating gluten free waffles, granola, and caterpillar rolls, but I feel like I am close to finding the balance between my 101 hobbies. I also don’t sleep anymore. We’ll see how that goes ;)

It’s all so exciting!! Today I am wearing a long sleeve denim shirt tucked into high-rise Levi’s, and a studded jean jacket (DIY by my sister – it’s her jacket. Also Chloe, if you are reading this sorry I didn’t ask if I could borrow it ;)). I am also wearing my KC Baldwin hat which I looovvee, and hidden wedge sneakers.

You can check out the other sponsors/media/bloggers for VFW here.








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  1. Congrats on being asked by Vancouver Fashion Week to blog about the Fall/Winter 14 Collections! You deserve it and I am ready to read what you have to share.

    When they ask you to travel there, let me know – I’ll chaperon!

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