Flashback…or forward?


Yesterday was officially my second college visit! I toured Stephens College in CO, MO to look at their Fashion Program. I thought the campus was beautiful, and my favorite part was the Q&A session with the professors from the fashion program. Hypothetically if I did go there, I would major in Fashion Communications to give me the tools I need to become a Fashion Journalist and/or Stylist :) I have also visited FIDM in San Fran and LA, there I would hypothetically major in Visual Communications. It’s all very exciting.

I love the look of a vintage T with a casual work suit and sneaks. I am wearing my dad’s AZA shirt with his Boyscout Jamboree Belt (1977), a thrifted pair of dress pants, my new bullet necklace from Brandy Melville, and my hidden wedge sneakers (obvi). I wore this ensemble to show my style and professionalism ;) I threw on my leather jacket and beanie while we walked around the campus, and it worked out perfectly!





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