Potted Herbs


This week I invited the Birdies girls over tomorrow morning for brunch! No specific reason, just because I love them. I wanted to create a little something they could take away that is fresh, positive, and colorful! We all have such exciting goals that are taking place within this next year, so I thought a few herbs that they could re-plant in their own gardens would be perfect. I love this cute, inexpensive, thoughtful, and quick project. Below I have the tutorial for how to make them! :)



– Mason jars of your choice

– A paper bag

– Herbs (I used parsley and spearmint)

– Baker’s twine

– Scissors

– Nice Paper

– Hole punch and washi tape optional :)


I love baker’s twine. I buy mine at Hammerpress in downtown KC,MO. I chose kelly green for this project because it matches the plants and also the table setting I am planning for tomorrow :)



When you un-pot the herbs, I did it over a paper bag on my kitchen table for easy clean up! Separate the herb into however many sections you need for your jars (3 for mine). Pack the dirt in tight and put a little water in there before you embellish the jar.




I wrapped the groves of the jar with baker’s twine because it is cute.


Then, I cut out a little heart and punched a hole in the corner.


Before tying it to the jar, I wrote the initials of each girl on their heart.


Ta Da! :)


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