DNKY’s 2014 Resort Collection has got me head over heels. The line consists of “jogging pants disguised as trousers, sweatshirts that double as a statement piece, and chic baseball caps,” (Refinery29) and in true DNKY fashion, the label is staying true to their streamlined lines, and adding metallic fabrics makes the sporty collection anything but dull! Love, love, love.

All photos courtesy of DNKY

dkny-resort-1 dkny-resort-2 dkny-resort-4 dkny-resort-5 dkny-resort-6 dkny-resort-7 dkny-resort-8 dkny-resort-10 dkny-resort-11 dkny-resort-12 dkny-resort-16 dkny-resort-17  dkny-resort-18 dkny-resort-20 dkny-resort-21 dkny-resort-22 dkny-resort-23 dkny-resort-24 dkny-resort-25 dkny-resort-26

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