I made a GIF! Actually I made 3. I used this site, and it was so easy! I don’t really get tumblr, and totally thought gifs were “unnecessary,” but when my dad was taking pictures of me the other day…I had the urge! So my apologizes ;) Also some exciting news…I was chosen to be a 2014 Senior Spokesmodel for hocus focus photography! If you would like to be a Spokesmodel and live in Kansas City, you can still apply here!

I love this outfit because it is super day-to-night-ready! I wore it to work, ran errands, and then went out for dinner. I bet I could even take a cute doggy for a walk, if I had one – mom! –  I am wearing my sister’s Campbell’s soup tank top slightly tucked into my Levi’s. I am also wearing my diamond H&M necklace and Zara platform sandals, which if you haven’t noticed, are my favorite summer accessories.




Double skull ring I made



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