Rainy May


Two more Mondays of school! I have finished my research paper on the American Dream (which I am very proud of), and used a metaphor of a French macaron throughout the paper – of course. In my Fashion Merchandising class I am also working on a mini magazine, and a window display! This year has been really difficult, and I’ve been waiting quite eagerly for it to be over. Now that it almost is…it’s weird! Yesterday I booked my flights to California for the summer, as well as a trip to New York in October to visit colleges! To top it all off this Saturday is prom! And no, I am not going to tell you what I am wearing ;) I am so excited and have a lot to be looking forward to. Also the new Vampire Weekend album is coming out in seven days, and they are coming in concert at the end of the month with HAIM. Which will be awesome. Hopefully this is the last sweater I will be wearing until fall!

I am wearing a white pullover with leather paneling over a black gingham tank top, and my favorite Urban jeans, with hidden wedge sneakers. About as preppy as I get and I love it! I am wearing my usual Chanel lipstick and my nails have black heart tips.








Black heart tipped nails!


Hand modeling is hard work


Sometimes I run.

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  1. Vampire Weekend rescheduled for october, but I don’t think HAIM is touring with them then. Sad, because they were the reason I wanted o go ):

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