My family has been wanting a dachshund since our two Redbone Coonhounds passed away about four years ago. Little did I know, my mother had been working on adopting Sissy since November! We picked her up on Sunday, and she was immediately so sweet and submissive. We got her from a miniature dachshund breeder in St. Louis who didn’t want her because she is too big to be considered “miniature,” and she is frankly perfect (I know everyone thinks that their dog is perfect, but still).

The funny part is, is that she is actually part of the American Kennel Club because her parents won awards or something! We even have papers with her lineage that indicate her grey hairs are silver, not grey. We are so lucky to have her, and the best part is that her ears are longer than her legs.



The second I met her she crawled into my lap (love at first sight)


car selfie



on our first walk (she doesn’t walk much)


she needs her belly rubbed at all times


just chillin’ on my bed



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