5 Days of Halloween: Day 2…Brandy Melville Bitch


For the second day of “5 Days of Halloween” I wanted to dress-up like a typical LA teen/tween – aka Brandy Melville obsessed <3. Brandy has created a cult-like following around the lifestyle they portray and for their clothes consisting of crop tops, flannels, and insanely comfy sweaters and t-shirts. It is a series of trendy basics, and versions of virtually the same thing. I love it, which is why I shop there whenever we are in LA. The one problem with this look: people don’t know I’m wearing a costume!

I am wearing all BM: my sister’s beanie, my crop top, sweater, plaid shirt, and the look is incomplete without black Doc Martens and 90s choker. I also am selfie-instagram ready with my (sister’s) gold iPhone 5s and BM gold glitter case.


*wait, sorry did you just say something?*




*I’m a free spirit*


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