5 Days of Halloween: Day 5…Mia Wallace

For the final day of “5 Days of Halloween,” I am Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, one of my favorite movies. Crazy enough, I actually decided that I wanted to be Mrs. Wallace last Halloween and immediately knew it was my costume for the next year. This year is 20th anniversary of the film, so fortunately it has been playing on tv a lot (minus the gimp scene). I love everything Uma Thurman embodies in this character and getting ready in this costume was a blast.

My sister found the wig for $5 at a Halloween shop, and she made the cigarette for me. I am simply wearing a white button down, black capri pants, and loafers. Although in the film she wears flats, I thought loafers were the next best option. For the makeup, I am wearing 104 lipstick by Chanel; I put on liquid eyeliner before smudging it with a brush, and for the bloody nose I used lipstick and put lipgloss on top to give it a gross and more realistic look. Luckily, I was laughing so hard I starting crying, which made the makeup even better (or worse?). And I didn’t forget the red mark on her chest :)








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