Sloane & Tate


I have to be comfortable whilst sleeping. Like everyone else, I have my night-time routine that I pride myself in…and in the winter that includes extra moisturizing, and my heating blanket pre-heating for at least 45min so that my bed is perfectly cozy at 10:30pm. Of course I want to be cute and cozy through the routine and sleep, but how realistic is this really? I am old enough to where I could enjoy a silk slip, but still young enough in that I prefer to wear my father’s comfy t-shirts from high school. That is why this leisure/sleep set by Sloane & Tate is the perfect option for me. It is CAF (comfy as fuck), stylish, minimalistic, and appropriate to be seen by your college roommate or “friend” down the hall. The tank top is flattering and sexy for all shapes, and the boy-short “briefs” are ultimately effortless. Although the set is on the pricier side, keep in mind gifting season is just around the corner, and that this is what you want.

This set can be found in black, pink, red, or white at birdies and






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