I finally bit the bullet and purchased Glossier! I have been wanting their products since I first spotted it on Eva Chen’s Instagram last fall, and now that I have been reading Into The Gloss, it encouraged my “appetite” for it. Glossier was started by ITG founder, Emily Weiss, so the beauty industry had high expectations for the launch of the product line. Although it isn’t expensive, for a college student it is an investment. I ordered the Phase 1 Set, the Detox Mask, and the Moisturizing Mask. The total was $124, which is a fantastic price for essentially a skin care line. I love their concept of “skincare as makeup” and I have honestly noticed a difference in my skin since I’ve started using their products (and it has only been one week!). I already have an extensive skincare routine, and in the morning Glossier is great addition. Here is my candid review of each product:

Step 1 Rosewater Spray: I had never used a facial spray before this, and didn’t find it necessary. It is definitely not necessary…but I love how refreshing it is. It smells great and it makes me feel like I am pampering myself (which I enjoy – who doesn’t?) and I just use a spritz before going out at night to freshen up.

Step 2 Moisturizing Primer: I think this shit is fantastic. It has really brought down the redness that my sensitive skin often exhibits. I hate wearing too much makeup because it covers up my freckles, but I did it anyway because of the redness. This plus the skin tint has solved my problem. I have also noticed that in the morning pre-makeup my skin is less red.

Step 3 Skin Tint: I love this. My skin has honestly never looked better and I was not expecting to be as happy with it as I am. I have been getting complements on how dewy and clear my skin looks by complete strangers, no joke. When I first put it on, I didn’t see a difference at all because I did my makeup at my dorm-room desk. After I checked it out in the bathroom I was in awe and was thrilled. It is definitely sheer, buildilbe coverage. Before I put on the skin tint, I still use a tinge of my YSL concealer under my eyes and on my chin where I currently have a zit. They work so well together.

Step 4 Balm Dotcom: This is basically a tube of Aquaphor except it literally stays on your lips for hours, and is fun to mix with my lipsticks for a more sheer look. Many other bloggers have said they had a really hard time getting it out of the tube, but I didn’t and that honestly is not a reason not to buy a good product.

Detox and Moisturizer Masks: I used each mask for 20min (detox first) and was really happy with how my skin felt after. I exfoliated before applying the detox mask and proceeded with the rest of my routine after using the moisturizing mask. Being in NYC, I definitely just feel icky sometimes. If you need a detox mask for that reason, I highly recommend using a moisturizing mask afterward (which I wasn’t originally planning on doing) due to the dryness of the detox.


I truly couldn’t be happier with the overall outcome of how my skin looks and feels.




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