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At FIT, I minor in Sustainability. In my Ecology class this week the topic was Global Biodiversity, and we discussed how important and crucial it is to climate change. “Biodiversity is like a library”, Sasha my professor said. There are an estimated 10 million unique species on planet earth, and each one has it’s own way of living and it’s own important piece in the food web that it contributes to.

There are different ways that we value diversity: if it has a direct market use (i.e. food or medicine), if it as a non-market use (i.e. it is beautiful), and ecosystems with services and functions (i.e. the water cycle, the carbon cycle, pollination, etc.). In laymen’s terms, biodiversity is when multiple living things (plants, animals, and other organisms) live together in an ecosystem. Here’s a great example: in the garden I worked at this summer, we planted different seeds in the same beds. This is called polyculture. Polyculture is amazing because different plant species can work together to create happy, healthy soil, yield more produce, and it is a more stable bed. If we planted soybeans and squash in the same bed, it was great because they stored enough nitrogen to make the plants happy, and their roots didn’t interfere with each other because squash grows above the soil, and soybeans need to trellis.

Essentially, (bio)diversity makes everything better.

I couldn’t help but relate this lesson to my feelings this past week after the election. After tears were shed and classes were skipped, I am sad and worried.

As I have learned about climate change this semester, I feel empowered with the knowledge I have gained to make changes. As I have learned about the state of our political and ethical climate, I feel empowered to make a difference and be an ally to my friends who are People of Color, LGBTQ, Lantix, Muslim, and fellow women.

I don’t give a fuck who you are: I will be empathetic and hear your story. Coming together is not about “singing kumbaiya” – it is about standing for equality. For a long time I have felt that standing for something in America automatically makes you stand against something else, and I didn’t like that. In this case, I am proud to stand against hate.



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


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