Meditation Practice

As I mentioned in my reflection of 2016, my intention going into 2017 was mindfulness. Coincidentally, my parents gifted me a 30 Day Unlimited Membership to MNDFL.

MNDFL is a meditation studio created to ‘enable humans to feel good’. At the start of the year, they offered a 30 Day Challenge with rewards along the way. I was psyched to accept the challenge of practicing meditation daily, and felt pretty confident that I would be able to complete it. I started off motivated and worried that that feeling would subside as the month went on; amazingly enough, it didn’t.

I went everyday to as many classes as I could to get a taste of what the studio had to offer. I’ve learned so much about these beautiful Tibetan and Buddhist traditions, and while I’m still learning about the variety of practices and teachers, I’m starting to grasp the differences between them while figuring out my preferences. Even just after the 1st week, I felt so great and excited to go every morning and I said to my mom: “I never want to not meditate again”.

Today, I completed my 30 Day Challenge! I am proud of myself, and feeling eager to watch my practice continue to grow.

Last week I started my work-study program at MNDFL, which allows me to continue to take classes in exchange for working once a week. Over the past month, practice has enabled me to feel more focused, motivated, thoughtful, compassionate, curious, contemplative, inspired, awake, sleepy, warm, peaceful, uncomfortable, and even unsettled at times. It is so amazing what our minds and bodies do when we just focus (or try to) on our breath. I feel so grateful that I will get to continue on my meditation journey!

*here are some photos that remind me of where my mind wanders to during practice*

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