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What is Inspiration and Where Does it Come From?

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in·spi·ra·tion: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.


I love the feeling of being inspired, and funny enough the feeling of being inspired is even inspiring. With it comes such hope and a sense of urgency, but what is interesting is that it usually isn’t acted on. Since I have been back at school this semester, I haven’t been constantly inspired. That really worried me so much that I was searching for something to be inspired by! I would take a free hour to window shop, browse on Instagram and online, watch films, even make lists of possible inspiration; all of that would satisfy me temporarily. I kept doing that searching thing until today in my Poetry in a Global Society class when we watched a clip about music as poetry with Nina Simone (watch from beginning to 1:32):

When she said: “Inspiration is a very strange thing, sometimes it just happens like a light.” That is what eased my minute anxiety about it. Of course inspiration isn’t supposed to be constant! That is what makes it so special!

When I was lucky enough to go to Coachella last April, many of the musicians spoke about all this shit in the media. How every time you turn the news on it is just bad. They spoke about how important it is to be inspired, and to DO things WHILE you’re inspired. That is beautiful! Since then I have tried to follow that. To do things while I am feeling inspired. Although I can’t say I always do, I definitely have gotten better about it. For example with my writing or with playing ukulele. I wish that in this post I could provide a list or collage of  some things that I am currently being inspired by, but I really can’t, and I’m (mostly) okay with that. I can provide a few photos though, as well as the above photo of some recent additions to my bedroom wall.








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