Meditation Practice

As I mentioned in my reflection of 2016, my intention going into 2017 was mindfulness. Coincidentally, my parents gifted me a 30 Day Unlimited Membership to MNDFL. MNDFL is a meditation studio created to ‘enable humans to feel good’. At the start of the year, they offered a 30 Day Challenge with rewards along the… Continue Reading

2016 & Thoughts on 2017

I had a fantastic feeling about 2016, and specifically about being 20 years old. All over social media and at work, I see 2016 labeled as the “worst year ever.” Besides the obvious, I had a great year! Yes the election was a disaster, yes I am scared for the future of our political and ecological… Continue Reading


At FIT, I minor in Sustainability. In my Ecology class this week the topic was Global Biodiversity, and we discussed how important and crucial it is to climate change. “Biodiversity is like a library”, Sasha my professor said. There are an estimated 10 million unique species on planet earth, and each one has it’s own… Continue Reading

What is Inspiration and Where Does it Come From?

in·spi·ra·tion: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.   I love the feeling of being inspired, and funny enough the feeling of being inspired is even inspiring. With it comes such hope and a sense of urgency, but what is interesting is that it usually isn’t acted… Continue Reading