Fall 2017

  This fall I am inspired by southwestern colors, that gravitate toward warm browns and oranges. My ideal ‘fall look’ is a thick-knit sweater, messy low bun, and bold, round jewelry. I created this lookbook for myself as a guide and source of inspiration for getting dressed, and I hope you enjoy it.   Trenchcoats:… Continue Reading

Meditation Practice

As I mentioned in my reflection of 2016, my intention going into 2017 was mindfulness. Coincidentally, my parents gifted me a 30 Day Unlimited Membership to MNDFL. MNDFL is a meditation studio created to ‘enable humans to feel good’. At the start of the year, they offered a 30 Day Challenge with rewards along the… Continue Reading

2016 & Thoughts on 2017

I had a fantastic feeling about 2016, and specifically about being 20 years old. All over social media and at work, I see 2016 labeled as the “worst year ever.” Besides the obvious, I had a great year! Yes the election was a disaster, yes I am scared for the future of our political and ecological… Continue Reading


At FIT, I minor in Sustainability. In my Ecology class this week the topic was Global Biodiversity, and we discussed how important and crucial it is to climate change. “Biodiversity is like a library”, Sasha my professor said. There are an estimated 10 million unique species on planet earth, and each one has it’s own… Continue Reading

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