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Reflecting on 2017

Merci et au revoir, 2017. Unfortunately, our country was extremely divided, but inside myself I really became a person I want to be and love.

In 2016, I wanted things that aren’t so off from what I want now. I wanted to feel mindful, aware of my body, nourished, loved, warm, and supported. I still drink water with lemon everyday, and aim to be the truest version of myself (as well as supporting others in their journeys to be the truest version of themselves). I achieved these intentions with focus and love.

I stopped eating gluten, dairy, and soy. I lost 9 pounds when my goal was to lose 5. I began a daily meditation practice that changed my life. I ended relationships when they were no longer what I needed. I spent a lot of time in California by the sea and by the mountains. I focused on nurturing sweet, sweet lifelong friendships. I listened to my body, and never thought that I would know my own body so well. I am unbelievably proud of myself; I can’t wait to take everything I’ve learned this year into my future.

When people are with me, I want them to feel happy, calm, relaxed, heard, and nurtured.

I want to honor the light in myself, others, and mother earth.

2017, You’ve been so good to me.


Here are my sweet intentions for 2018:

  • Keep up the work from 2017
  • Produce less waste
  • Visit Europe
  • Dry Brush more
  • Drink more water
  • Be nicer to my feet
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Love love love!

I want to feel…

  • Loved
  • Warm
  • Supported & supportive
  • Gentle
  • Kind
  • Mindful
  • Hydrated
  • Healthy
  • Clean
  • Lite
  • Peaceful
  • Creative

I plan to invest in these intentions with some of my Hanukkah gift money and time. I am excited to also share a new website/blog format later this year, as well as some videos :)


May 2018 bring you love, peace, health, and happiness!